Running Time Trials

Moulton Track
For this training block we have been focusing on our running times and technique.

Six weeks ago the juniors ran a mile or 3km time trial. Based on their time trial times, Richard has given every junior a target 400m lap pace. The weekly sessions have been based around running multiple 400m laps, whilst training the kids to get a feel for their own pacing. The aim is to stay as close to their individual lap times as possible, through out the entire session. So going out too fast is just as bad as too slow!

Each week we have been timing every lap that each junior has been running – there hasn’t been any hiding place for a sneaky slow lap! ;o)   (Many thanks to all the parents who helped). Over the six weeks Richard has been sneakily reducing the amount of time everyone has had to recover after each lap to increase their endurance.

All the juniors have put in a tremendous amount of hard work. It is really heart warming to see individuals giving everything at the end of tough session in search of their own personal goals.
Last night we re-ran the mile and 3km time trials and the results were excellent. Nearly everyone improved their times and those that didn’t had good reasons.
Please see the times below:
3km Times
Name Jan Time Feb Time Notes
James 12:36 12:17
Hayden J 12:53 absent
Beth 14:35 13:47
Mac 14:37 absent
Mason 15:39 15:09
Alfie 15:55 17:45 Bug
Haydn 16:39 15:23
Millie 16:44 16:44 Overheated
Libby n/a 16:19
Callum n/a 12:04
Cameron n/a 14:02
Finley n/a 15:08


1 Mile Times

Name Jan Time Feb Time Notes
Culum 9:21 8:39
Archie 9:28 9:15
Oliver 9:56 8:52
Matthew 11:43 10:48
Emily n/a 8:22