Tri Equipment

The great news is, that minimal equipment is required to give triathlon a go. All you need to have is a swim suit and goggles, a roadworthy bike (mountain/hybrid/road) a correctly fitted helmet and a pair of running shoes.

If your child decides that they enjoy taking part in triathlons, parents may make a decision to purchase extra items of gear. This extra equipment is certainly not required to keep enjoying triathlon, so please do not feel pressured into buying anything. However, we will include a list here to allow you to make informed purchasing decisions.

Tri Suit
NTri TriSuit
NTri TriSuit

A tri-suit is a specially-designed, one piece garment you can wear throughout the entire triathlon race. Wearing just one suit for the entire triathlon saves quite a lot of time over having to change into running gear in the transition area. The suit is normally quick drying and has a slightly padded rear to give extra comfort on the bike. Trisuits are meant to be quite tight fitting, but should never feel constrictive.

The NTri Suit is one of the most recognisable and attractive designs in the country (well we think so).


Race Belt

It is usually a requirement to affix a race number to the front and back of your shirt so that marshals can tell competitors apart. To avoid the faff of safety pins and numbers flapping up in your face, many competitors opt for a race belt. This is simply a light elastic belt with some toggles to attach your race numbers to. The belt is worn round the waist with the numbers facing the back whilst on the bike and then quickly swapped round to the front for the run.

Elastic Laces

To save tying shoes up with wet hands (and avoid the risk of them promptly coming undone), you can purchase elastic laces with a fastening toggle in the middle. This saves quite a bit of time in the transition area and makes it a cinch to quickly tighten the shoe.