Training takes place twice a week and is open to all paid up club members and for children undertaking our admission trials. Please see our membership page for further details.

Run / Bike / Transition Training

Monday 7:20pm meet till 8:30pm.

Running and cycle sessions take place at Moulton College Athletics track, which is behind the Chris Moody Centre where we swim.

We have a varied programme and incorporate speed, technique and endurance drills into our sessions. We like to mix things up and make sessions interesting for the kids. We train in all but the worst weather so please make sure your child is adequately dressed. The club are purchasing turbo trainers to allow us to perform cycle sessions, undercover through winter. In the warmer months we have the option of using Pitsford Resevoir, just down the road, for cycle training.

Required Running Kit

We recommend having a little kit bag that is brought to every training session. We have had times where the weather has changed dramatically mid way through the session and having all their kit in a little bag ensures that kids have the correct items when needed.

  • Running shoes – professional running shoes or spikes are not required, however fashion trainers or plimsoles are unsuitable as they do not have the correct foot support.
  • Drinks bottle – filled with water or diluted fruit juice.
  • Sweatshirt or hoody.
  • Lightweight waterproof.
  • Gloves.

Required Cycling Kit

  • Mountain or Road Bike – please check tyres are pumped up and there are no punctures, the brakes and gears work and the seat height is correct.
  • Cycle Helmet – you will NOT be allowed to ride without one so please DON’T FORGET it.
  • Gloves – small hands can get very cold on a bike, even in summer.
  • Warm water proof clothes
  • Running shoes
  • Drinks bottle – filled with water or diluted fruit juice.


Swim Training

Tuesday 7:15pm meet till 8:30pm

Swim training takes place at The Chris Moody Centre in Moulton. This is a private centre, not open to the public and is used by elite athletes for training and rehabilitation. The club has full use of the fantastic 25 x 12.5m swimming pool, which has an adjustable depth floor, starting blocks and digital timing.

We run a variety of training sessions based around improving technique, speed and endurance. The stroke we focus on is front crawl, as this is the stroke most commonly used in triathlon swimming.

Children will need to be able to swim 50m to take part in our swimming sessions – we do not teach children to learn to swim.

Swimming Kit

Required Swimming Kit

We recommend having a mesh swimming bag to keep all your kit in. This makes it a doddle to bring all of your kit pool side and always ensures that you haven’t left anything in the changing rooms.

  • Swimming costume – if you are purchasing a new swimming costume it is best to go for a plain, one piece suit for girls and briefs or jammers for boys. Suits with frills or board shorts can make swimming un-necessarily difficult.
  • Goggles

Highly Recommended Swimming Kit

  • Swimming hat – required for longer haired swimmers. In some sessions we also use “tempo trainers” which are kept in place under a swimming hat. The club has a number of NTri swimming hats, please ask if one is needed.
  • Fins / flippers – these help develop flexibility in the ankles and are used when performing technical drills.
  • Pull buoys – these are held between the legs and help swimmers to focus on the “catch” phase of their stroke.