Welcome Back

Moulton Track

Hi all, is it me or has summer gone really quickly? I hope you’ve had a good time and the school uniforms are all pressed and ready!


We start back to training next week, so be sure to check that trainers and kit still fit after the break.

As the training sessions at Moulton track have been going really well, we have decided to use the track every week. Unfortunately this will mean we will be dropping the Thursday sessions, but with all the problems the council have been having, we were finding that their grounds weren’t being maintained and we didn’t want to have to keep changing locations because of this.

On the plus side, Moulton track is a great facility where we have toilets, drinks fountains, an indoor room to escape bad weather, plus an undercover area to run turbo trainer sessions. Track sessions will be run alongside the NTri adults, which will mean that the older kids will be able to push themselves and move up to a full club training session when they are ready.

Couple the athletics track with Moulton pool and I truly believe the club have now got one the best training bases in the area!

So to confirm, training will now be on:
Monday, 7:20pm meet to 8:30pm – Moulton College Athletic Track.
Tuesday, 7:20pm meet to 8:30pm – Moulton College Swimming Pool.


On the 29th September the club are hosting an end of season celebration BBQ.

This will be for juniors and seniors and we plan on having a mini-sports day with some fun games, which everyone (including parents) are encouraged to enter. We will also be awarding the end of year trophy’s to club members.

The event will be at Old Village Hall, from 4pm.

See you there!