Meet The Team

NTri has a very experienced and committed coaching team through the entire club. We have a depth of experience across all disciplines and have coaches trained to British Triathlon Level 3 standard. We are also very proud to have one of our first junior members, who joined the club when she was just a whippersnapper, graduate from the youth squad and go onto achieve their triathlon coaching qualifications.

Behind the main coaching staff, we have a dedicated group of people making sure that everything runs as smooth as clockwork in the background.

If you would like to help out in any way, please do not hesitate to get in touch.

Adrian Jelley – Head Coach

Adrian is a Level 3 British Triathlon Coach. He has competed in all distances of triathlon, including the prestigious Ironman. What Adrian doesn’t know about Triathlon isn’t worth knowing. He’s an experienced hand who knows all the tips and tricks to knock vital minutes from your race times. When Adrian isn’t coaching or competing in triathlons, he likes to relax and partake in a spot of athletics in his spare time.

Richard Cressey – Coach

Richard is a Level 1 Triathlon coach and highly experienced runner, who’s well known in the county for his winning performances on the cross country course. Rich has a keen eye for when kids aren’t operating at their peak running performance and will make recommendations on the best course of action. Sometimes this could involve a bit of extra rest, however when it involvesĀ a bit of extra effort, Rich isn’t afraid to get his running shoes on and lead by example.

Amy Jelley – Coach

Amy was one of the first members of Ntri Juniors. Having competed in triathlon at all junior and youth levels, she is now a qualified Level 1 Triathlon coach. Amy is a naturally smooth and competent swimmer and is often seen passing on her knowledge during training sessions at the pool. She is looked up to and loved by all the kids, and is a real role model for both the club and the sport.

Nicola Newby- Prospective Coach

Nicola is a parent who has been lending a hand at training for a while now. She has decided to take the next step and become a qualified coach. She will begin her training to work towards her British Triathlon Level 1 qualification later this year. She is great with the kids and we wish her luck with her qualifications.

Val Bridges – Treasurer
Katie Chown – Kit
Stacey Dransfield – Safeguarding
Ian Rock – Chairperson