Junior Triathlon

A triathlon is a multiple-stage event which involves swimming, cycling and running in immediate succession, over various distances, dependent on the child’s age.

In between each individual event is a transition area where triathletes change gear to prepare for the next section of the race. The transition areas are used to store bikes, running trainers and other accessories used. The transition from swim to bike is referred to as T1 and the transition between the bike and run is referred to as T2. As the overall time for the race includes time spent in transition, it is important that triathletes are prepared and practice moving through the two transition phases. This is why transition is known as the 4th discipline in the sport.

There are also other multi-sport events and combinations for you to try, which fall under British Triathlon’s banner. The two most common are aquathlons, which involveĀ a swim followed by a run and duathlons which is run-bike-run.

In 2016 mixed relay triathlons became part of the Olympics and began to be adopted in the youth calendar the following year. A mixed relay triathlon involves 4 team mates in the same age group – two boys and two girls. Each competitor completes a fast paced, mini triathlon, before passing their timing chip onto the next member of the team. The sequence of race order is girl, boy, girl boy. Relay triathlons add an extra dimension to the sport and are incredibly good fun for both competitor and spectators!

Beachborough Mixed Relay Triathlon
Beachborough Mixed Relay Triathlon