Kimbolton Triathlon (Aquathlon)

kimbolton aquathlon

Kimbolton Triathlon is set in the beautiful grounds of 16th Century Kimbolton Castle, once home to the Dukes of Manchester and now an immaculate, fee paying boarding school.

When booking our triathlon entry, we allowed images of quintessential English summer picnics, sipping Pimms whilst wearing straw boaters and clapping using only our fingers – to fill our tiny peasant minds. How wrong we were.

After two days of heavy rain, a text early Sunday morning confirmed what everyone had been suspecting – the bike section had been cancelled for safety reasons and Kimbolton Triathlon had now become an Aquathlon!

After arriving at the grounds and seeing the amount of mud at the entrance, most people agreed cancelling the cycling was definitely the right move. Wellies replaced straw boaters and we trudged through to registration. The rain didn’t let up and a huge downpour before the start meant the registration tent was suddenly filled with lots of very wet people trying to find shelter.

Then with 10 minutes to go before the start, as if by magic, the rain stopped and blue sky and sun broke through! The sudden appearance of the sun collectively buoyed everyone at the event, with hoods and brollies being replaced with sunglasses and smiles.

It was great to see lot’s of other NTri members attending and with the rain gone, parents, kids and coaches congregated by the side of the run section to cheer on those who were competing. With no bike section to worry about the transitions were ultra fast and some great run times were able to be achieved.

All the kids did really well and a sneaky burger and chips at the end of the day was thoroughly deserved!