Haydn’s Harvey Hadden Triathlon Review

Child Writing
The following is a review of the Harvey Hadden Triathlon by Haydn, one of our junior triathletes. Thanks Haydn!
On 9th September 2017 I did a triathlon at Harvey Hadden Sports Village in Nottingham. It’s a good triathlon because your parents can watch the swim from a balcony above  the pool, the bike ride is on a purpose built cycle track, and the run is around a field next to the cycle track.
On the day of the race, as soon as we arrived, the first thing I did was register and pick up my race numbers and put them on my race belt, cycle helmet and bike. I then waited for the race briefing.  This was where I found out all the information for the race.  Once this was finished I could put my bike and equipment on to the transition areas and go back to the pull for the astray. I was excited and not nervous as I knew I had done the training.
The race was the longest of the season and I swam 200m, cycles 4.5km and ran 1.8 km.
At the end I felt happy that I had done it