About NTri Juniors

Northants Triathlon Juniors is the children’s section of Northants Triathlon Club. NTri Juniors was formed in 2010 by parents from the adult club who wanted to give their eager kids an opportunity to join in the fun.

The club is for kids of all abilities from the ages of 8 to 17. All we ask is that kids work to the best of their ability and have a desire to improve. The only basic requirement is that you can swim 50 metres unaided and have access to a roadworthy cycle.

We set a priority on having fun and schedule in lots of different activities to keep the training varied and enjoyable. All training sessions are run in accordance with British Triathlon Federation guidance regarding the training and development of young athletes and are geared towards improving skills, techniques and fitness levels.

We believe that healthy competition is good for kids. It’s understandable for kids to want to win races, however only focusing on winning can prove unhealthy and give a negative impact on a young triathletes performances and future development.

As a club, NTri celebrate improvement through self development. We try and change the perspective from competing against other kids to competing against their own past performances.

We set time trials and monitor progression through the different disciplines. This ensures that all children are set on a trajectory of improvement. It means that kids at the back of the field can feel a great sense of accomplishment by finishing in the middle of the pack. It also means that kids who are winning local races comfortably, do not set a ceiling on their performances and have the right mindset to step up to compete at regional and National level.

NTri Junior members compete at various triathlons around the East Midlands and we are always willing to assist if your child is looking to enter their first triathlon and you are unsure what to expect.

We hope you enjoy the site. If you are interested in joining the club there are details of how you can do this on the membership page of the website. If you have any other queries about the club please do not hesitate to contact us on hello@ntrijuniors.com